Master of Software Engineering

Empowering Tomorrow's Innovators

The world has gone digital, so should you.

Software applications are the heart and soul of today’s technology-driven world, accelerating the demand for the next generation of innovators. 

Discover how our Master of Software Engineering (MSWE) program can prepare you for the digital world.

Empowering tomorrow's innovators

Hands on experience​

From working professionals to career changers, MSWE’s bottoms up approach ensures students are building technical expertise and professionalism from an established foundation.

Designed for you

Drawing from fundamental, groundbreaking and professional coursework culminating in an industry capstone, you will be groomed problem solvers upon entering the workforce.

Career development

Access any one of our career counselors where they can tailor your career development plan and help expand your professional network, giving you an an edge against the competition.

Pioneering academics

Trailblazing in the digital world starts with renowned faculty who have spent countless hours developing a robust curriculum that marries industry needs and best practices.

Beyond the classroom

Securing a job is more than just acing academics. Our career services is designed to enhance a student’s marketability while connecting them to top notch employers seeking their talent.

The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences Ecosystem

Home to more than 100’s of tech companies across multiple industries, MSWE graduates gain valuable experience working alongside companies through the program’s capstone experience.

Next steps

Class demographics

On average, 93% of graduates land a job within 3- months

46% of class are female

34% are career changers

Average base salary of $117,115 (US only)

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