Applications for Fall 2024 are now open. 

Application Period

  • Applications for the following fall open in the previous October. For example, Fall 2025 applications will open in Oct. 2024.
  • Deadlines:
    • December 15 for International Applicants (Recommended for all applicants)
    • March 15 for Domestic Applicants (It is highly recommended that domestic applicants meet the December 15 deadline, but applications will be accepted through this date.) 
  • Click here to review complete information on applying to graduate studies at UCI.

Minimum Requirements

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for admission to the MSWE program:

  • Bachelor’s degree (in any field) or equivalent
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Knowledge of data structures, such as lists, arrays, trees, and associative arrays
  • Proficiency in two general-purpose programming languages. It does not matter which ones, or how they were acquired.  Projects in MSWE courses involve several programming languages, with Python and Java dominating at the moment.

Applicants must provide the following:

  • Online Application for UCI Graduate Admissions and Application Fee ($135 for domestic applicants, $155 for international applicants). The MSWE program is not eligible for application waivers.
    • The online application includes the following components:
      • Statement of Purpose
        • A statement of your personal, academic, and professional goals, as well as why and how the MSWE program will help you to achieve these goals.
      • Personal History Statement (Optional, but highly recommended)
        • Your personal history describing circumstances that have contributed to your successes and/or challenges encountered during your academic and/or professional career.
      • Supplemental Questions
        • Describe your past experiences with software engineering and programming that you have produced, including your role, the complexity, and language. If you consider yourself a career changer, please briefly explain here.
        • (Domestic applicants only): If you intend to register in the program part-time, please describe your full-time position (i.e. job title, employer, location). Your response here is for informational purposes only and can change, if necessary, before matriculation into the program. Note: Only domestic applicants can enroll part-time. 
      • Unofficial Transcripts
        • Scan and upload the front and back of unofficial transcripts from all postsecondary studies. Uploaded transcripts should include the following: your name, dates of attendance, grades/marks received, credits and grading legend.
        • Note: Official transcripts will be requested if you are admitted and accept our offer of admission. Do not send official transcripts until this time.
      • Official Test Scores
        • If applicable, select ONE test of English language proficiency.  For complete information, including minimum scores, waivers, and how to submit official test scores, please visit Graduate Division’s English Language Proficiency Requirements for Admissions:.
          • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
          • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
        • The GRE Exam is OPTIONAL. Submitting a GRE score does not necessarily increase your chances for admission. GRE scores may be taken into consideration for admission, in some cases (for example, your undergraduate institution has no track record or your GPA is low). In lieu of GRE scores, applicants are highly recommended to submit any additional material that enriches the application and speaks to the applicant’s strengths:
          • Design portfolio
          • Link to GitHub profile
          • Scholarly papers submitted and/ or published
          • Writing samples
        • If GRE Test scores are included, please take the following into consideration:
          • To avoid delays, official test scores should be requested to be sent at the time of exam from the testing agency to UC Irvine (Institution Code 4859). 
          • Photocopies or scans of test results will not be accepted. 
          • GRE scores are valid for five years. 
      • Three Letters of Recommendation
        • A minimum of three letters of recommendation from individuals who can evaluate your academic and/or professional achievements, describe your strengths and weaknesses, and comment on your character, integrity, and motivation. Letters which speak to your ability to perform in a post-graduate academic program are especially useful.  Letters may be from professors, work/internship supervisors, or others as appropriate. Letters from family members or personal references will not be accepted.
          • For additional instructions, please visit this page.

Please visit the Applying to UCI and Frequently Asked Questions pages for complete application information and answers to common questions.

Ensure you are applying to the correct program!

The Master of Software Engineering (MSWE) is a professionally-oriented program ideal for students who wish to pursue or advance in their career in industry. If you are interested in research and/or a doctoral degree, please consider the Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE). Compare the two (and more) programs here.

To apply to the Master of Software Engineering (MSWE), select “Master of Software Engineering” from the drop-down menu on the online application.  Applicants may apply to multiple programs, but must submit a separate application and fee for each program.

We cannot transfer applications if you apply to the wrong program!

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