Total charges for the for the MSWE cohort entering in fall 2019, excluding student health insurance fees, are $49,500.  Total charges, excluding student health insurance, include the MSWE program fee of $48,209.16 and estimated UCI compulsory campus-based fees of $1,290.84.  Please note, the fall 2019 compulsory campus-based fees included in the total estimated compulsory campus-based fees are estimated.  Actual compulsory campus-based fee amounts will be adjusted annually for the calendar-year California Consumer Price Index for Urban areas (CA CPI-U) and for any newly implemented campus-based fees as voted by student referendum.  All future campus-based fee levels are estimates and the university may impose additional fees.

Total estimated charges for the MSWE cohort entering in fall 2019 including mandatory student health insurance is $55,091.  2019-20 student health insurance premium amounts are not known as this time and the amounts included for 2019-20 are estimates.  Actual amounts may change without notice.


MSWE offers a limited number of fellowships to domestic students.  There is no separate application for financial support.  We make fellowship offers based on your online application.  You must have a FAFSA on file to receive any financial aid, including fellowships.  For more information, please visit https://www.grad.uci.edu/admissions/financial-support.php.  

Financial Aid

For information on obtaining aid, please review the Financial aid website:

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