• The Master of Software Engineering (MSWE) is a professionally oriented, programming-intensive, degree program designed to train students from a variety of backgrounds for Software Engineering careers. The program’s characteristics are as follows:
  • A 15-month, 49.3-unit, on-campus program, spanning from September of the first year to December of the second year.*
  • Dedicated room (“the lab”) where students study and work on their projects. All lectures are in the lab.
  • Teaching assistants are available 8 hours/day/4 days a week in the lab during the first fall quarter.
  • The program starts off with a first quarter of intensive programming exercises designed to solidify and broaden the students’ knowledge of the large computing landscape, covering essential knowledge in Computer Science and Computer Systems.
  • Six courses cover the foundations of software construction, maintenance, and quality, via hands-on projects.
  • Two courses help prepare students for the non-technical aspects of professional careers.
  • There is an internship requirement for this program, in which students are responsible for securing an internship during the summer between year one and year two.*  The Career Development Team is available to provide advising during your search and throughout your internship and program.
  • A quarter-long capstone project during the final quarter, in which students will be responsible for designing and implementing a substantial piece of software, be it standalone or an add-on to an existing system. This project includes challenging aspects, such as information classification and machine learning modules, strict performance requirements, very large code bases, deployment in the cloud, etc.
  • We estimate students will spend close to 1,300 hours learning through programming and analyzing code.

*Full-time students only. Click here for part-time curriculum. 

Part-time attendance for working professionals (domestic students only) is possible. Part-time students are expected to complete the degree within two years and one quarter (27 months), with 39 months as the maximum. To accommodate working students, classes are held in the late afternoons and evenings.  Domestic students who are employed full-time during the program can consult with program staff for alternate arrangements, such as faculty-supervised participation in an open source project or development of specific software for the School, in order to satisfy the mandatory internship requirement. Be advised that part-time study disqualifies the student from receiving program fellowships and may affect eligibility for financial aid.

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