If you were admitted to the MSWE program: congratulations! Your journey
towards being a professional Software Engineer is about to begin!

Whether you need a little brushing or a complete overhaul of your
programming skills, here are some resources available to all MSWE
students. Some of these sites are free and available to everyone, while
others require a UCI email address and manual inclusion in our group.

– CodeGym ( a comprehensive site for Java
programming, with thousands of programming exercises. Sign up with your
UCI email address, then contact us, so we can add you to our group.

– LeetCode ( one of the most popular coding sites
for algorithms and data structures, and a must-do for technical
interviews. Available for everyone.

Technical Interviews

As a MSWE student applying to tech positions, you should expect that all, if not most, of your interviews will be purely technical, or include a technical component.  You can expect questions that:

  • Relate to specific knowledge about the company’s technical activities;
  • Relate to understanding technical work required to be completed as part of the job applied for;
  • Relate to work completed as part of a degree course (if it relates to job); and/or
  • Solve actual technical problems that you would likely face if employed.

Because technical questions vary depending on your interviewer, it is important that you are ALWAYS writing code, practicing how to implement data structures and algorithms, etc.

Check out the following resources to help you practice:

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