Admissions FAQ:

The most important requirement for enrollment in the MSWE program is experience with programming. Students must have proficiency in at least two general-purpose programming languages.* This is typically achieved through undergraduate programming courses, self-learning via online tutorials, on-the-job learning, programming-intensive hobbies, or developer boot camps, etc.

*Admitted students in the first year of the program should make every effort to take community college classes in the summer, or follow online tutorials, to fill gaps in their knowledge of programming in Python and Java. 

No and no. The MSWE program assumes that you know how to program, and that you are familiar with programming concepts such as functions, variables, loops, conditionals, arrays, lists, etc., at least in two programming languages. The MSWE program will improve your programming skills by several levels, but it does not teach introductory programming.

Domestic students are eligible to submit a FAFSA online.

Applications for fall 2019 are now closed.  Applications for fall 2020 will be available in September 2019.  Please find more information on how to apply to UCI here.

No, students are admitted once a year – for the following FALL quarter.

Yes, the General Test is required. GRE scores are valid for five years, after which time the exam must be repeated.

Please review our admissions requirements on this page for more information

For information on TOEFL waivers, please see here.

Three letters of recommendation are required, but you may submit as many letters as you wish.

No. We look at each application as a whole.

Program FAQ:

This is a four quarter academic program with a one quarter mandatory summer internship component. So, 15 months, from September of year one to December of year two.

Yes, domestic students are eligible for part-time study. The normative time to degree, in this case, is two years and one quarter, or 28 months, from September of year one to December of year three.

No, students in professional programs are not eligible for Reader (Grader) or TA/RA positions. 

International students are eligible to work at an on-campus job up to 20 hours per week. You must seek approval from the International Center prior to working. Please see here for details. Domestic students are eligible to work both on-campus and off-campus.  

Not necessarily, although we expect most to have financial compensation. Compensation is entirely at the discretion of employers.

The program prepares students for technical interviews. Nevertheless, all sorts of unpredictable things can happen, some of which are outside of our and your control. The fallback plan for summer internships is to work with faculty or with academic units on campus to develop a concrete software project that is beneficial to them.

It is still required that you do a summer internship during the second summer of the program. 

The current cost of the program is $49,500 for the full 49 units, regardless of residency, and not including fees and other compulsory campus-based fees.  Find more information here.

Partial Fellowships, of no more than 50% of program fees, are currently available to domestic students only, with demonstrated need.  Fellowship recipients must have a completed FAFSA on file.

Yes, and students will automatically be enrolled when fees are paid.  Please note that health insurance is not included in the program fees.  Please find more information on fees here.  If you have equivalent coverage, you may submit a waiver.  Please note the strict deadlines for submitting waivers.

MSWE international students do not have access to register for or “audit” the English Conversation Program (ECP) and I-STEPS. However, they can participate in other programs that do not require an actual course enrollment, including: International Coffee Hour, English Development Workshop Series, etc.

No, this is an on-campus program.

Courses will be offered in the afternoons and evenings.

No, students can only take the designated courses offered through the program. These include any graduate courses with the moniker SWE and letter P after the course number.  The set curriculum can be found here.  

No, it does not. MSWE is a terminal degree. If you are interested in pursuing research and/or a PhD in Software Engineering, you should be looking at this other Master program.

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